Is School Funding Fair? A National Report Card was the recipient of the 2013 Division L - Educational Policy and Politics Outstanding Policy Research Report Award from the American Educational Research Association (AERA).

"We chose the award for the quality and innovation of the research. In particular, we were impressed with the thoughtful use of data and the innovation in measuring poverty and school finance adequacy. We also thought the report showed clear impact in terms of national and local news coverage and impact on the field of education finance policy."

Morgan Polikoff, Committee Chair
Assistant Professor of Education Policy
University of Southern California

"America’s commitment to equity in education will determine our future. Bruce Baker and the co-authors of the Fair School Funding National Report Card offer clear insights into the widespread and profound inequalities within and across our education systems. Their study is a powerful critique of the state education funding schemes that govern resources for our schools. This important study is a wake-up call to invest fairly in our children’s education as other developed nations do."

Linda Darling-Hammond
Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education
Stanford University

"The National Report Card is a useful and provocative new report on the condition of states' school finance systems. The report is clear and accessible and will be an important asset to the policy and advocacy discourse on improving the nation's schools."

Michelle Fine
Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Urban Education
The Graduate Center of the City University of New York

"The National Report Card is a thoughtful new analysis of the nation's school finance systems. It is a clear methodological improvement over existing indicators and will shed insight on the most important elements of fair school funding."

Margaret Goertz
Professor of Education
University of Pennsylvania

"Fair school funding in the 50 states is essential to ensure the nation's low-income children and children of color have the opportunity to learn and achieve. Targeted fair funding is the fundamental building block necessary to prepare these students so that they are college and workforce ready. The National Report Card gives communities the information they need to advance this critical national goal."

John H. Jackson
President and CEO
Schott Foundation for Public Education

"The National Report Card provides important new perspectives on the deep disparities in school funding across the American public education landscape. This data will be of great use to researchers, policymakers, advocates and attorneys who are seeking to eliminate inequities in our state education finance systems. This Report should serve as a call to action to make sure that every student in the United States has the resources necessary to succeed in school and to be well prepared for college, the workforce and productive citizenship."

Michael A. Rebell
Executive Director
Campaign for Educational Equity
Teachers College, Columbia University

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